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Baby Nut & Bolt Personalised Necklace

Baby Nut & Bolt Personalised Necklace

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  • Handmade in Yorkshire
  • Free UK Delivery

• Bolt Pendant Length Approx: 17mm
Approximate despatch in 2-3 days

Baby nut and bolt personalised pendant, bold and beautiful but perfectly feminine too! Our unique nut and bolt collection is a unique way of celebrating a union, friendship or just badassery! Each perfectly formed nut and bolt is hand stamped with initials and dates of your choice. wear together or separate for him and her. 

Each sterling silver nut and bolt is hand punched with a date or text of your choice. Both parts function as working nut and bolts - two halves that make a whole.

Jewellery which caries sentiment but goes way beyond the norm. This makes an ideal alternative wedding or anniversary gift.
Fantastically tactile, this is perfect for those who love to play with their jewellery! 
Whilst the two parts of nut and bolt function as a one, we do not advise these be worn screwed together as they will naturally unscrew with the passage of time.


The hexagonal nature of the nut and bolt lends itself perfect to dates of significance and meaning being added. But, as long as it’s within the character limits then we will punch this for you.
• Uppercase alphanumeric characters, Full Stop (.), Ampersand (&)
• Dates: Full stops (.) will replace forward slashes (/)
• Character limit of the nut is 3 (perfect for monogram/initials) and bolt is 6.

Please note that all lettering is punched by hand with love and care in our Yorkshire Studio making every piece unique. The nature of hand stamping means that irregularities can and do occur. These form part of the style and nature of the design and do not constitute faults.

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