I am a strong believer that jewellery should be worn and not kept in a jewellery box but as time goes on our tastes change as do fashions. Perhaps you have been lucky enough to have been passed down jewellery from family members, jewellery that might not be your cup of tea but hold a huge amount of sentiment? We are here to breath some new life into unworn yet loved pieces.


We will hold your hand through a clear and visual design process which is conducted online via face time meetings, videos and sketches to help create new pieces of jewellery that reflect who you are whilst holding on to all the sentiment.   


The process of remodelling existing gold and precious stones is very different  to making from ‘scratch’ but we will walk you through the whole process and provide lots of video updates along the way. You won't feel out of the loop we promise though we never spoil the final ‘tada’ moment.


If you would like to discuss this in more detail then please do get in touch with us. To help with the initial discussion, here are some of the things we would like you to do first:


  1. Think about what you would most love? What makes your heart flutter (jewellery wise – we cant recreate Brad Pitt). Pinterest is an excellent place to start – sometimes knowing what you absolutely don’t like is as useful as knowing what you do! Browse through our Instagram for inspiration – there are lots of remodels shown there.
  2. What is your budget – this is very important as this will guide the design possibilities.


 Once you are armed with this, then please do get in touch at and include a few snaps of the existing jewellery.


Speak soon


Ghazal x