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THE MOST WONDERFUL TA DAH! MOMENT!!!! Wow! An email will hardly do it justice. It is absolutely, totally beautiful. I love it and it is making me feel rather ridiculously emotional! I feel super lucky that you have worked so hard and made it all so perfect. You are really clever and I will love wearing my hoops every day and will treasure them.

Susie M

The company was fantastic, it arrived about 30 minutes before my little sister had to run off for New York City, she has been through a lot. She loved the gift and she put it on straight away, took it with her and as far as I have seen she hasn't taken it off. Thank you and please all of you keep up the good work! You are bringing happiness to so many people.

Christian Luke Mason

This is such a lovely idea. Super personalised and individual. So talented and the nicest ring I have ever seen. Funky and pretty... I love it and haven't taken it off. Lovely people to deal with and so friendly. All my friends love my ring and will be back to buy more!

Emily Davies


In addition to the eclectic ranges of Jewellery we showcase, we also offer full bespoke jewellery service.

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