Our top tips on how to care for your jewellery:

• Polish every few months with a specialist gold or silver polishing cloth, or a microfibre cloth. Always polish before storing for a longer period of time.

• Remove your jewellery when bathing and swimming, chlorine and chemicals found in products can affect the colour of your jewellery.

• Put your jewellery on after dressing and applying perfume or lotions, this will ensure your delicate jewellery won't break when catching on something and the chemicals from products won't affect the colour of your jewellery.

• If your jewellery needs an extra good clean, use a silver dip for silver or a solution of warm water and standard washing up liquid for gold pieces. Then use a soft toothbrush and polishing cloth to clean it up.

• Store in a cool, dark and dry place and store each piece of jewellery separately to avoid tangling. We recommend storing in a small zip lock bag or acid-free tissue inside the jewellery box your piece arrived in.

12-Month Warranty

Every piece from Soremi has a 12-month warranty so you can purchase with confidence. Each piece is handmade to the highest standard, our warranty covers any manufacturing and mechanism faults but does not cover regular wear and tear or loss. Please contact us immediately and refrain from wearing the jewellery if any faults are noticed.

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