Bespoke Service

In addition to the eclectic ranges of Jewellery we showcase, we also offer full bespoke jewellery service. 
How it works? We start by discussing in detail what your requirements are, what the jewellery will be for - occasional or everyday and guide you through any issues there might be. We will always be led by you but we do also appreciate that it helps to have some guidance and suggestions so we will hold your hand through the whole process. Once we have agreed upon a design we will sketch out the design if appropriate and then carry out the work. We will keep you posted throughout the entire process and will send out progress reports with images unless of course you prefer a ‘tada’ moment! 

Once completed, your commissioned jewellery will be sent for hall marking and then packaged up and will make its way to you. We NEVER charge an additional fee for bespoke pieces as some jewellers do, we are always honest and fair in our pricing and do feel strongly that commissioning jewellery should be something that can cater to all budgets. We work in silver, platinum & gold and pretty much everything in-between, with and without precious and semi precious stones. Just drop us an email with your details and we will get back to you.

email Soremi to discuss a bespoke piece...