Making a difference the only way we know how

Making a difference the only way we know how

Hey! I wanted to write this blog post to pretty much give a shout out to the incredible community of jewellers in the UK and the USA, with whom together we have just pulled off the most incredible charity auction.
Some of you will be aware that each year I organise and run Auction for Aid, raising funds for the refugee crisis. It started three years ago in the wake of the images we saw of Alyan Kurdi’s body washed up on a Turkish beach. He looked like he could almost have been sleeping. But of course he wasn’t. This images and the unfolding tragedy of the refugee crisis was something the truly moved me, all and every human tragedy is unbearable but it was a deep seated awareness that the only thing that separated Alyan from my son of the same age was the luck of birth. Nothing more. Nothing less. 
But what to do? How do people like us, and by that I mean ordinary people, do anything to help? It can feel almost paralysing. All I knew was how to make personalised jewellery. How on earth could that help? Except thats exactly what I could do to help. 
Thats when I first set up auction for aid and quickly realised I was not at all alone in feeling like I wanted to do something to help. With a group of other jewellers who each donated their jewellery I organised a week long auction that raised £10,000. The the second year, we did it again, it grew and gathered momentum and raised £25,000. This years auction ended on the 24th September, together, with jewellers from the USA as well as the UK we raised an incredible £41,768. 
All the money raised is going to two unbelievable charities who are like real life heroes - The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) and Help Refugees. 
It is an honour to rub shoulders with jewellers I love, admire and think are just, well, amazing. There are too many to name but of you head over to
you can see their amazing work. Here are some of our mug shots too! 
So the moral of the story? There is ALWAYS something you can do to help. 
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So proud to be a part of this, thank you for the huge amount of work you put into this each year, you are an amazing woman x

Laura aka Louy Magroos

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