It started with a beer and a bagel….

It started with a beer and a bagel….

It started with a beer and a bagel….

Welcome to Studio Stories, our behind the scenes blog about all things jewellery, maybe some general musings and well, stuff! Our personalised jewellery really starts with you, its all about your stories and your milestones so in that vein, your voice here means just as much to us. So, like what we are putting down? Then don’t be shy and let us know.

It's fitting that this first post should be about my two unexpected muses. Two people whose love of maths and each other changed the course of our companies history a little.

I met Matt at a festival, he was a friend of a friend. When he realised I was a jeweller he shared with me that he was in love (that they were besotted was clear I have to say!) and he hoped to propose but wanted a ring that was totally different, something mathematical, something that embodied Matt and Jo. After some discussion, beer and more discussion (and beer) he talked about a shape, bit like a bagel and would open and close. Can I be honest with you (and Matt) and say that my internal monologue was, err, bonkers and nope thats not gonna happen. Anyway, we drank more beer and that was that.

Except it wasn’t. Several months later he got in touch to say that he had indeed proposed and how did i feel about exploring the idea we had mulled over at the festival. The rest as they say is history. We talked a little more about the design and how we could try and create a little magic. Create a subtle and hidden personalisation - something only Matt and Jo knew. Something that was hidden to all but them. Several months later and after a loooooot of prototypes, tweaks, ups and down I was delighted to be able to present them both without doubt the most important rings I have ever made.

Their love for each other, their openness to try something totally untested and their willingness to put themselves in my hands really is the centre point of the now completed Mobius Infinity collection. They ended up being my muses in so many ways! As a result of those beers and that doughy bagel, I'm thrilled to have created what I believe to be a totally unique design. Made in silver and gold, beautifully fluid lines that create a timeless shape, but one that holds a secret. Mobius Infinity opens up to reveal a date or sentiment of your choice or hidden diamond. Something only you know is there. Personalised jewellery for those who want something truly that little bit different.

That chance meeting is one I shall never forget! So to Matt and Jo who get to wear their rings for real in November, thank you so much for trusting and allowing me to play a small part in your journey. Thank you too for my fabulously quirky gift - this sits in our workshop and makes us smile (and a bit hungry) everyday.


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