Girl Power, Social Media (and jewellery)

Girl Power, Social Media (and jewellery)

If you're here, then you already know what we do. We are the home of hand made personalised jewellery. Want a wedding ring thats totally unique with hidden text? Look no further, want a perfect everyday set of stacking rings - yep, we've got you covered! But it’s about so much more than the jewellery. And definitely about more than looking pretty.

One of our collections, the Mobius Infinity, was the result of a chance meeting with a couple who were going to get married and wanted to mark that occasion with jewellery that would mean something to them and tell their story. It was and has always been real was real people that inspire me - and people are never perfect (I guess a bit like our hand stamping - perfectly imperfect!). That’s what makes them so interesting.

Behind every bit of jewellery we make there’s the story of a person, a moment in their life, a landmark achieved or a reaction to something that happened to someone out there in the world. We get the privilege of making jewellery, fashioning something out of a lump of metal, that marks that moment. Pretty cool huh? 

Its those stories and the people behind them that I love and social media has allowed us to connect with people in a way thats just not been possible until now. Like most other brands, small and big, we use Instagram and Facebook to share with the world what we are doing. We fill our grids with images we hope delights and inspires but there's another level to the platform that’s about much more than pretty pics. There’s a whole band of women out there, supporting one another, shouting about things that matter and pushing for change. 

And I love it.

Women supporting women is more than a hashtag. It’s about real relationships of imperfect women. It’s about understanding the joy and pitfalls of motherhood, of singleness, of non- acceptance, of non-conformity, of beauty in all it’s forms, and then cheering one another on so that we can find the strength to keep moving.

A while back I had the privilege of making Natalie from stylemesunday some jewellery (hoops earrings and Mobius Infinity necklace shown). She’s leading the way in embracing body shape in all its glory, big small and everything in-between. She doesn't just talk the talk, she truly walks the walk and her feed is pretty damned inspiring. 

Then there's Cat @notsosmugnow. Thanks Cat for flying the flag for women, motherhood and mental health and doing so wearing a whole lot of leopard print.

There is much to criticise about social media but so, so much to applaud. When we use social media to cheer each other on and talk about the important things, well, then it becomes a wild force for honesty, goodness and beauty (with plenty of room for some beautiful jewellery too) 



Ps check out Natalie and Cat at

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