Behind the Scenes of Your Bespoke Jewellery

Behind the Scenes of Your Bespoke Jewellery

The true heartbeat of my business isn’t soldering, or even awesome design. It’s people. For me, a piece of bespoke jewellery can turn feelings or moments that are important in life into something beautiful that lasts. It’s like a memory that you can physically put on and carry around with you all the time. It reflects a piece of who you are.

I’ve been offering a completely unique, behind-the-scenes service for a while now from my bespoke and collection pieces. Basically, I just really want you to be a part of the whole experience. It’s a chance for you to see me in action, actually making your piece. I’ll send you videos so that you get to see your item being soldered and formed. You’ll see firsthand the way that I hammer and bend it and the details that go into making it. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the final moment by sending you a photo of the finished thing - I’m not into spoilers. I’ll leave the finished ‘wow’ moment until your jewellery arrives and in the meantime you’ll get to find out everything that went into making it. So many Soremi customers have asked to see their bespoke jewellery piece being made and tell me that the whole experience has been even more special because of it.

You could even print the photos and make a gift book, or let the lucky recipient in on every step of the process and show them the videos. I’m just so proud and passionate about hand making and craftsmanship in the UK and I want to share that with you. Think of it like our own little collaboration.

To take advantage just find me on Facebook at:

Like the page, then drop me a message via messenger. Then, I can send you images and videos as I'm working on your jewellery so you can see behind the scenes of making your own bespoke jewellery. There’s no extra charge and I’m always up for hearing from you! 

As always any queries you have, I'm right here! 


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