Auction with Soul & Community at its Heart

Auction with Soul & Community at its Heart

Auction for Aid

2018 is going to be the 4th year that we’ve run our online jewellery auction ‘Auction for Aid’ and every year it blows me away.

This is a jewellery auction that has community at it’s heart. Originally, I started it to raise money for refugees after the heartbreaking images on the news. Desperate families fleeing horror, parents, their children, people like me and you with the same hopes and aspirations but the luck of birth meant that their futures would be a world away from ours. I felt kind of helpless in truth, I mean what could I do to help? The only skills I have are those of a jeweller - hardly life saving! Turns out that no matter what your skills, there is always something you can do, some way of making those skills work for others. Thats the beauty of the auction. Over 100 jewellers who want to help using the skills they have and boy they have them by the bucket load! 

I’ve been overwhelmed, not just by the £75k we’ve already raised, but by the generosity and soul of jewellery makers from the UK and USA who have been as moved and rightfully angry as I have. 

We each have it in us to do something good, it might be a smile for someone, just to let them know you notice them and they’re welcome. It might be offering to help at the post office counter when you can see that language is a problem. These small things are not at all small when viewed through the eyes of another.

Not everyone can fly off to war torn areas or sign up to a charity, but I totally believe that small groups of people, making small changes together are a huge force for change. We just have to use the skills we’re blessed with.

So, our next online jewellery auction is going to be this coming October on Facebook. All the proceeds will go to Help refugees and MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station). You can find out all the details here and I’d love you to share them too. Every little really helps.

Here are some of the highlights from the previous years. Amazing don't you think? 

Nut & Bolt by Soremi Jewellery                                                    


Peace, Gx 


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